My occupation is temporary secretary. Funny, just saying it loudly seems in order to provide me this uneasy feeling inside. You see, a temp is probably my "disguise." Oh, don't get me wrong, I certainly look the part. On any given day search for find me wearing some adorable little office ensemble that makes any boss proud. Conservative and boring. My nylons match my shoes, my nails are well manicured, the head of hair . well let's forget the hair. Lately it has been doing this weird frizz thing with wings popping out on top of the side! Quite attractive. As the temp I get to go everywhere and do everthing. It's not an unhealthy job. Just a lie. My true love is radio.

The first organized promotional street team, the Kiss Army, was formed in Terre Haute, Indiana, in 1975. But, the Army was soon taken over by Kiss themselves once they realized what an asset that was for your band's traffic generation.

Don't you a dealer. Buy too. Obtain the best of both globes. Sell on one hand, buy on another. This will keep you abreast of what get smaller as they want to obtain and costs they are willing to pay, so possess to an idea what to sell the the very next time.

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Each Saturday through February 2, well-known kids performers take activity is in the Nautilus Theater at SeaWorld Orlando. Laurie Berknew - Solo! may be the January 19, followed by Choo Choo Soul with Genevieve on January 26 and the Kratt Brothers Live, at a time stars of your Wild Kratts, on February 2.

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