This is a list of math symbols. To display the mathematics correctly, this page requires Internet Explorer 6 with MathPlayer installed, or Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape 7+ with MathML fonts installed (e.g. download the MIT MathML font packages).

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Math & greek symbols that can be inserted in a normal PmWiki line

List of Constants for ASCIIMath formulas

Additional spaces

ASCIIMath should generate spaces that are about right in the output, but if you want to get an extra space in the mathematics you can use a backslash and a space i.e. "\ ". Extra spaces are especially useful when you want to put more than one expression on a line.

Greek letters

alpha, beta, chi, delta, Delta, epsi, varepsilon, eta, gamma, Gamma
iota, kappa, lambda, Lambda, mu, nu, omega, Omega, phi, varphi,
Phi, pi, Pi, psi, rho, sigma, Sigma, tau, theta, vartheta,
Theta, upsilon, xi, Xi, zeta

Operation symbols

+, -, *, **, //, \\, xx, -:, @, o+, ox, o.,
sum, prod, ^^, ^^^, vv, vvv, nn, nnn, uu, uuu

Relation symbols

=, !=, <, >, <=, >=, -<, >-, in, !in,
sub, sup, sube, supe, -=, ~=, ~~, prop

Logical symbols

and, or, not, =>, if, iff,
AA, EE, _|_, TT, |-, |=

Grouping brackets

(, ), [, ], {, }, (:, :)

Miscellaneous symbols

int, oint, del_, grad, +-, O/, oo, aleph, |...|, |cdots|,
vdots, ddots, |\ |, |quad|, diamond, square, |_, _|,
|~, ~|, CC, NN, QQ, RR, ZZ

Standard functions

sin, cos, tan, csc, sec, cot,
sinh, cosh, tanh, log, ln, det,
dim, lim, mod, gcd, lcm, min, max


hat x, bar x, ul x, vec x, dot x, ddot x

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